"The Day Off Diet"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
"The Day Off Diet" isn't a fad diet or a scam diet. The Day Off Diet is a diet plan that promises to help you lose weight effectively and easily while allowing you to still enjoy eating like a normal human being instead of a rabbit for one day out of the week.

That's right.literally for one day out of the week you have a "day off" from your diet and are allowed and encouraged to eat as you normally would if you weren't on a diet. Now, many may say that this will never work and that people will go crazy and binge on all the foods that they have been craving all week, but this isn't necessarily so. In actuality, most people do manage to maintain some self control. But even people who have gone a little crazy on their "day off" haven't done any sort of permanent damage or even come close to gaining back even a fraction of the weight that they had lost over the week.

In actuality, the purposed behind the "day off" part of The Day Off Diet is two fold. Yes, people do like the idea of being able to eat the foods that they love for at least one day out of the week. This may help people who might want to cheat on their diet during the week since they have that "day off" in sight and have that to look forward to when the going gets tough. It definitely makes sticking to a diet pretty easy when you know that you will have a whole day where you can eat normally and not have to worry about being a party pooper at a birthday party or a wedding. You can simply schedule your day off around such special occasions including the holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving!

The second purpose behind the "day off" portion of The Day Off Diet is that it literally helps your body to be more effective in burning fat and thus losing the weight when used in conjunction with the diet plan laid out in the book. I know that this may be difficult to understand and I'm not a doctor but all of this is explained very well on "The Day Off Diet" Homepage and you can read the thorough explanation there.

What you will notice though is that the methods in The Day Off Diet actually avoid the common obstacle that confronts many dieters and that is "the wall". What do I mean by "the wall"? I am talking about when you are chugging right along dropping a pound or so a day and you're feeling great and everyone is telling you that you're looking great...everyone is so proud of you...and then suddenly you just stop losing weight. No matter what you do you can shed another pound for the life of you. People start to wonder if you had stopped dieting...and what normally happens is that people become frustrated and just go off their diet and wind up gaining back all the weight that they had lost.

With "The Day Off Diet" you will never hit a wall with your weight and every week you will lose approximately the same amount of weight until you have reached your goal weight. No more frustration and no more torturing yourself with dreams of chocolate and breads...and no more kicking the bathroom scale wondering if the thing is broken because you can't lose that last ten pounds after the first came off so easily!

Go to "Day Off Diet" Homepage and see how it can help you to lose the weight that you had dreamed of quickly and easily. Find out how this system works precisely and the secret in "The Day Off Diet" that is helping so many to lose weight without the torture of traditional diets.