The Solution To Your Weight Loss Success

Thursday, September 27, 2012
As we age, we don't change all that much in terms of the force that drives us through our daily lives and helps us in reaching our goals. Society today dictates that we should be driven solely for financial reasons, to buy a huge yacht or drive a luxury vehicle. However, science has revealed that the strongest motivation for us to reach our goals comes from intangible objects, the complete opposite of what the media says. Some of these motivations include social connections and an internal sense of accomplishment.

A short-term goal, such as ripped abs for the summer, will only provide a short-term result. What motivation do you have driving you once you have reached your ultimate goal? To maintain that goal you worked so hard for, you need to look deeper within yourself so you can learn to harness motivation unparalleled by any of these short-term goals.

Many people like to supplement with a pre-workout supplement loaded with caffeine and other stimulants to give them a short burst of energy before hitting the gym hard. However, science has shown that people who can muster up internal motivation without relying on external forces will surpass the other individual in terms of a long-term goal almost every time. Additionally, people who set out with a short term goal have been shown to give up on that goal sooner, mainly because this goal minimizes or even cuts out all enjoyment that the person would normally receive from the activity.

An effective way to harness this internal motivation is to turn your short-term fitness goals into a long term goal. This way you can constantly push yourself further once you feel you have hit a "plateau." One way of doing this is taking your short-term goal, and stretching it to a broad extreme. Create a goal whose completion cannot be measured by anyone except yourself. "Feel more confident in my body" could be an example because there is no scale for determining if you truly have accomplished it. Only you can make that decision. When you get the point that you feel you have, more times than not people will not be content with their earlier goals and strive for bigger and better things.

Now that we know a basic approach to gaining 100% motivation, what makes people seek change? Often this is caused by what some refer to as a "transformation trigger." A single event that causes a person to review a certain aspect of their life and make a change to better themselves from who they once were. This in itself can lead to internal motivation because you are trying to separate yourself as much as possible from what you once were.

Evan has been writing articles for years now specializing in health, nutrition, and dieting, but only just beginning to put them online.