The Day Off Diets-Dieting Ideas

Monday, October 8, 2012
How many times have you told yourself you are going to lose weight? How many diet plans have you tried? Does it feel like you are on an endless cycle of weight loss failure without a real chance for success?

Dieting doesn't have to be so difficult. In fact, making dieting difficult is a recipe for failure. A diet plan only truly works if you are able to stick with it until you reach your goal weight and that's one of the main things that make The Day off Diet so different and so much more effective. This is the diet that you will stick with.

The Day off Diet is easy to follow. It doesn't require any calorie counting or eating the same ridiculous foods over and over again. And it's definitely not like some of the other diets out there that make you do silly things like "eat nothing but fruit for a whole day." This is a diet plan that's livable as well as extremely effective at fat burning. You will never go hungry, you'll never count calories, and you'll be able to take a "day off" from dieting every 7th day!
You'll soon learn how this "day off" not only lets you satisfy your cravings but also helps you to lose fat even faster by boosting your metabolism. It's not a "gimmick" but a vital part of what makes the diet so much more successful than other diets.

Finally, you will be in control of the health and appearance of you body. We are with you every step of the way! This will be the final diet you ever go on. You will lose fat fast and you will keep it off for good! You will be able to download this diet program instantly to your computer. There is nothing to wait for in the mail. You can get started right now! When you get instant online access to The Day off Diet program, you will learn what you need to eat 6 days a week to turn off your fat storing gene with the "Green Light" fat burning foods.

Why only 6 days a week? Because every 7th day will be your "day off" That's what gives the diet its name. On that 7th day you can eat & drink anything you want. You will both satisfy your cravings and boost your metabolism on your "day off." It's an important part of what makes this diet the choice you will make to lose weight fast.
The Day Off Diet uses a unique and easy to follow "Green Light," "Yellow Light" & "Red Light" system so you'll know exactly which foods you can chow down on and which foods you need to avoid to lose weight fast.

All "Green Light" foods can be eaten until you are satisfied which means you never have to go hungry on The Day Off Diet! These easy to follow dieting guidelines are the key to turning off your fat storing gene for good. When you eat The Day off Diet way your body knows it doesn't need to store fat anymore which is why you will lose weight fast.